DARNLEY on Glasgow’s South Side has the most irritating ice-cream chimes in the city, figures show, while North Kelvinside is the area most likely to attract neighbour complaints about the sound of musical instruments.

Data detailing nuisance noise complaints over the past four years also showed Govanhill is the area where people are most likely to complain about loud music from a next door property or pub.

More than 10,000 complaints have been lodged with Glasgow City Council about ‘all amplified noise’, which takes in loud TVs, dogs barking and DIY and Maryhill was the area with the highest number of complaints with 326 lodged.

Research shows noise disturbance is the most common anti-social behaviour reported to the police, local authorities and housing associations across the UK.

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Glasgow City Council's noise teams can investigate complaints about domestic and commercial properties but will not take action about noise coming from children playing, loud footsteps or where sound proofing is a factor and recommends neighbours access a mediation service in those cases.

Figures obtained by freedom of information legislation from 2016-2019 show 161 people have complained about ice-cream vans, with the highest numbers in Darnley (27) Springboig (22) and Provanmill (21). 

Glasgow Times:

Vans are either non-existent or quiet in Shawlands or the people who live there love ice-creams than anywhere else in the city as the area has recorded no complaints about chimes over the past four years.

Loud music was responsible for 9331 complaints over the past four years and Govanhill topped the table with 387, followed by Maryhill, Dennistoun and then Finnieston, which has experienced a boom in new pubs and restaurants.

Glasgow Times:

Gartcosh and Clarkston are the quietest areas to live according to the council figures for nuisance noise complaints G postcodes.

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Both have attracted just 6 complaints about loud music or amplified noise from 2016-2019 while the area around Blythswood square is also a good place to live if you want a quiet life.

Guitar solos, piano scales and screechy violins were a bugbear for 34 people in the G20 6 postcode which takes in North Kelvinside areas including Wilton Street as the area recorded the highest number of complaints in the city about musical instruments.

Glasgow Times:

The G12 8 Kelvinside postcode had the second highest tally at 21, which takes in the affluent and student heavy areas of Hillhead and Dowanhill.

Govanhill was also an area where people lodged more complaints about musical instruments, recording 14 complaints while Parkhouse has had none over the past four years.

Council officers have the power to issue fines for persistent noise breaches in domestic and commercial premises or make referrals to the Procurator Fiscal in the worst cases.

Highest noise complaints by postcode

Amplified music
G42 8 - 387
G20 8 - 308
G31 2 - 304
G12 8 - 299

All amplified noise
G20 8 - 326
G31 2 - 313
G12 8 - 300
G3 8 - 266

Ice-cream chimes
G53 6 - 27
G33 4 - 22
G33 1 - 21

Musical instruments
G20 6 - 34
G12 8 - 21
G12 0 - 16
G42 8 - 14