THE hosts of an-award winning podcast promise to add some Scottish flavour to a live version of the show at Glasgow’s Cottiers Theatre this month.

James Barr and Dan Hudson of A Gay and A NonGay podcast will take over the West End venue on Friday, March 27 with a chat featuring former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson - and they have even pledged to embrace Scotland’s national drink.

“We will be drinking Irn Bru because of my forefathers who came up with that drink - I have the same surname Barr,” James laughed.

The Manchester-based comedian added: “I am half Scottish, my dad is Scottish. He is coming to the show with loads of his friends. I am really proud of that side of me and I think it will be amazing to be in front of our Scottish family.”

Glasgow Times:

Part of that Scottish family will, of course, include Ruth Davidson who has agreed to a grilling from the pair.

James said: “She is a kind of power lesbian. She has done amazing things within an awful party.

“We are excited to talk to her about that as well as challenge her lightly about some of her positions in the past.

“One of the things that is special about our podcast is that we bring people in for conversations. People that we wouldn’t necessarily always want to chat to in the street and try to find a middle ground and change people’s opinions.”

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The pair, who are both 30, stumbled upon their award-winning podcast formula by accident and since then they have never looked back as James explained.

“The podcast was kind of an accident, we never planned it.

“Dan’s girlfriend suggested that we do the podcast because we have nothing in common and she thought it would be quite funny for herself. Then it grew this audience organically.

“It is a pretty high concept to explain. I am gay, Dan isn’t - that’s basically it.”

Dan added: “We talk about the things that divide us but then we find strength in coming together and finding friendship despite all the differences between us.”

James continued: "One of my favourite things about the show is we are going to give Dan a safe space to say whatever he wants.

"At the minute in 2020 straight men aren’t allowed to say what they think anymore because there is always someone there to shout them down and tell them their wrong.

"So we give Dan a safe space to ask questions that he would have not been allowed to otherwise."

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The Glasgow show will also feature trans woman Natalie Scott who previously won the Attitude Pride Award in 2017 and hosts a tombola at the city's Gay Ball.
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