Pop sensation Halsey revealed her soft spot for Glasgow on Saturday night, declaring her Scottish fans as the best crowd on her tour so far and telling them they’re “all like (her)”.

Performing songs from her new album Manic and previous two albums, Halsey told the audience she wanted to laugh, cry and get mad together. She connected with Scottish fans telling them that the way they experience music is “something special” and different from other countries.

The singer even told Glasgow’s audience: “This is the show I’ve been really looking forward to because you guys are all like me. You can take a f***ing joke, you can help somebody in need and you came here because you want to have the best f***ing night of your life tonight.”

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She jumped and danced with the crowd for her two-hour-long performance as she demanded more energy from fans in the room saying “I know what crowds here are like” after her last Glasgow concert was one of her best.

The singer began with Nightmare, a rock style pop song that immediately built up the energy in the room. This was followed by a few powerful songs and an intensely strong performance where she bounced from one side of the stage to another.

She progressed into a slower set, including instrumentals on her guitar, phone flashlights swaying and some near-tears. She revealed to fans she was taking a break from touring to live her life and use this for new material, encouraging them to sing along with her.

Her encore changed the pace of her performance yet again with laser beams and bright lights, featuring Halsey on levitated stairs with a sassy comeback at the ready.

The highlight of the show was the singers personal touch. She cast her alter ego of Halsey aside more than ever before and connected with the audience. In between high fiving the crowd and chatting to them after songs and through awkward technical difficulties, she took a moment to tell Scottish fans “without you this world would also be without me, I’d cease to exist” before running her speech into hit song, Without Me.

After referencing “friend” Lewis Capaldi, hit Scottish singer, as a “secret code” in Glasgow crowds to get them excited, she performed the chorus of Capaldi’s famous song someone you loved for screaming crowds. She even told Scottish fans “I love how you guys talk, I really wish I sounded like that”.

The singer tweaked her own songs and had the crowd screaming by unexpectedly hitting notes that are nothing in the recording studio compared to her live. Ranging from screamo-like notes to belting her hits, she went above and beyond what was expected.

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With her set turning from black and white to colourful collages, even featuring butterflies, lasers and cowboy hats, she dressed to match each. With outfits ranging from tight black bodysuits to colourful two pieces she expressed her true self for her fans. She even had one glitter eye, bringing the cover of her new album manic to the stage.

With three shows left to go this month, Halsey is lighting up the stage with never ending energy and impressive vocals, bringing the whole experience together by showing the love she has for her fans. The concert may not have included major props or other performers, but not a second of her classy and talented performance was boring.