BORIS Johnson is obviously looking to create some significant legacy status symbol during his term in office.

That is why he is throwing these unrealistic ideas around, such as a bridge or tunnel between Scotland and Northern Ireland.

This is the man who spent around £50 million in feasibility studies for a garden bridge over the Thames which never happened.

The cost of building such projects would be in excess of £20/30 billion.

Surely with that kind of money we should be looking to spend it more wisely on social care and improving existing infrastructure and roads and railways, to make it easier and safer to move around the country, with better connectivity to the islands through better ferry services, which would improve people’s lives and enhance economic activity.

We don’t need egotistical monuments to an uncaring, part-time Prime Minister.



READER FMK has it spot on, Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister is the worst thing that has happened to Scotland.

She makes Boris sound as though he knows what he is doing.

She has done nothing for the common worker.



I SEE that SNP MP Carol Monaghan (right) is suggesting they use conference calls and electronic voting to block the spread of coronavirus.

Well, why do we not use this system all the time?

We could save money all year round on the expense of sending and housing MPs in London and Edinburgh, and maybe we could put more street sweepers and the like back to work.

If this was implemented I wonder how many of these MPs and MSPs would quit, seeing their gravy train disappear.

Jim Tees

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WHEN the council is proposing cutting back and closing community centres and libraries, and many other vital services are suffering, the council has allocated most of the funding for LGBTQ+ projects.

It has been reported most of it is for school projects.

Given that the government has already approved a programme to go into all schools and nurseries where young people and children will be taught all aspects of the LGBTQ+ beliefs and lifestyles, it appears, therefore, that this group has more influence with the government – receiving more than a fair share of the public purse and limited funding available.


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