THE owner of the Clutha Bar has hit out at vandals who targeted two of his properties in recent attacks. 

An advert for the Clutha Trust, the charity associated with the Saltmarket pub, was targeted with sectarian graffiti on Friday. 

Alan Crossan, who owns the pub, which was the site of the tragic helicopter crash in 2013, blasted the vandals on social media, sharing pictures of two incidents of the damage to his property. 

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The pictures show Union Bears graffiti tags near the charity's premises in Laurieston.

He said: "More graffiti on our premises at Morrison Street. If anybody knows these characters can you get the word to them and tell them to stop.

"I would rather spend our money on kids who need it than cleaning up graffiti." 

Rangers ultras targeted a Clutha Trust advertisement and the outside of a property the charity uses in Glasgow's South Side. 

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The charity was set up to provide music education and events for young people and people with disabilities. 

The Clutha Vaults was the site of a horrific helicopter crash in 2013 in which ten people were killed.