SCOTTISH TV star Ewen Cameron has got into a Twitter spat with Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan.

The radio presenter called out Piers on his interviewing skills on the social media website and urged him to allow the people he is interviewing to speak.

He said: "The secret, Piers Morgan, is that when you invite someone onto your show for a chat then you must let them speak.

"Until you learn how the fundamentals of an interview work then you will find more people will refuse to listen to you cause you certainly don’t listen to others."

Comedian Ewen is no stranger to interviewing as the former host of The Late Show and Live at Five on the now-defunct STV2 channel. He also presents a podcast with actor and wrestling star Grado.

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His advice, however, didn't go down to well with Piers who replied: "Hi Cameron, thanks for the advice. I'm curious though - if you're such an expert in interviewing, why was your own TV interview show canned after just two years, and why are your supreme talents now languishing in local Scottish radio?"

A determined Ewen hit back: "Actually, Piers Morgan, it was local Scottish television as well. Much like your newspaper career you’re not very good at research."

Over to you Piers.