SCOTTISH TV star Lorraine Kelly has slammed coronavirus panic buyers who are stockpiling items such as toilet roll. 

Her criticism comes after she saw shoppers buying up loo roll while during her weekend Saturday shop, The Scottish Sun reports

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The popular TV personality addressed the issue on her show on Monday saying: "Oh, it's nuts isn't it?

"On Saturday even, I was in my local Tesco - other supermarkets are available.

"There was somebody loading up with the bog roll. I actually just said, 'Can I ask why are you doing that?'"

She added: "Do you really need all this? Why bog roll? I'm confused."

Glasgow Times:

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The bubbly star then referenced the viral clip of two women in Australia fighting over the last toilet roll in a supermarket.

"People were fighting over bog roll," said the ITV presenter.

"I mean come on guys, get a grip.

"I'm not panicking and I'm not buying toilet roll. Keep calm and carry on, it'll be alright, we'll be fine."