THREE Cheers for Stewart Paterson’s article (March 6) with his comments on Boris Johnson’s/Alister Jack’s proposed bridge/tunnel to Ireland. I’m also pleased to see he recommends Glasgow’s crossrail as one of the projects on which a small fraction of the money saved from the Irish fixed-link could be spent.

However, the Glasgow crossrail project faces a serious threat from another fantasy tunnel – the deep tunnel from Shields junction to Cowlairs, with an underground station linked to both Central and Queen Street, which is the preferred option of the Glasgow Connectivity Commission for a north-south rail route.

Quite apart from its enormous cost, this solution compares poorly with crossrail (i.e. the existing but virtually unused City Union line). It simply duplicates existing surface routes, unlike the City Union line which could play a major role in regenerating Tradeston, Gorbals and Calton, as well as providing interchanges with other routes at West Street, Glasgow Cross and Bellgrove.

The City Union line is also entirely above ground, an important consideration given a recent report on London’s Underground which revealed air pollution at the deepest stations up to 30 times that at street level.

John McMaster

Mount Vernon

I WOULD have thought that our government would have made housing homeless people its top priority, in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

Not only are those living rough on the streets more at risk of infection, they are more likely to cause the rapid spread of the disease once it has been transmitted to them.

Protecting the general public’s health and that of the most vulnerable to the coronavirus ought to run hand in hand.

Stephen McCarthy


THE bulk issue seems to be under review by the council.

I know the lanes in the West End, Pollokshields, Dennistoun, City Centre, Govanhill and Battlefield are the worst for fly-tipping. I wonder how the city councillors and the chief executive will feel if someone dumps fly-tipped material at their home and left them to pay for it. I don’t have faith in the council enforcing properly as they can’t even tell people the proper bulk uplift times and locations.

Name and address supplied

I AGREE with Catriona Stewart (March 10) – this stockpiling shows how little our society cares for its elderly.