IT is the nation’s favourite takeaway food and always gets my vote but the best fish suppers, in my opinion, are to be found in coastal areas where the haddock or cod is guaranteed to be fresh.

However, I’m prepared to be proved wrong in Scotland’s biggest city.

New kid on the block Catch on Gibson street promises on its website that “everything is cooked fresh to order every time.”

The firm, which runs two other chippies in the south of the city, has refined the traditional supper for a gourmet offering that includes a smoked haddock supper, monkfish scampi and even a vegan fish and chips.

I’ve been in the restaurant before and the food was tasty if a little pricey but how would it measure up, delivered to my door?

I called the restaurant to plaice (sorry) my order without the faff of online and was told the restaurant was not taking card payments over the phone so it’s back to the online menu.

I’m just looking for a simple fish and chips, nothing fancy and I’m not feeling ravenous so I order the small supper, which I’m hoping will be be haddock although it doesn’t specify.

The panko breadcrumbs coating catches my eyes and I can’t enjoy fish and chips without a tub of mushy peas, tartare sauce and can of Irn Bru so I add those to the bill.

Delivery is £2.50 which seems fair enough and my order is registered at 8.05pm. The restaurant says to expect it can take up to an hour before it reaches my doorstep.

I’m pleasantly supervised when the delivery driver arrives at 8.45pm and hands me the goodies.

Catch scores points for the double portion of tartare sauce and the ‘small’ fish supper is a decent size.

There’s a little bottle of vinegar spray and the food is still warm, it not toasty hot.

The restaurant says its potatoes are peeled daily, chipped and twice cooked in rapeseed oil, which is also recycled so it wins points for green credentials and they are delicious.

I’m less impressed with the fish, it’s more than a little on the dry side and I’m regretting not getting a portion of tomato sauce, having none in the fridge, to make it more palatable. Maybe the fish has dried up en-route?

All in all, it’s a little disappointing and I’m left dreaming of the mouth-wateringly good haddock suppers from Sammy’s Chippie in Caol, in Lochaber.



West End

Type of food:

Fish n Chips

Time to


45 mins.





By Caroline Wilson