THE supermarkets should shoulder the blame for the empty shelves.

They should have rationed the items but what do they care, as long as they are making money.

They forget some people can’t afford to buy in bulk.

It’s all down to greed.

The people who are panic buying are just selfish.

Robert Cadden

Via email

I AM sure the MP who has caught coronavirus will not have to survive on statutory sick pay, which is about £90 per week (Scottish bank nurses plea for sick pay allowance rise ‘until coronavirus threat is lifted’, Wednesday).

Yet the Scottish Government expects Glasgow nurses who catch the virus at work to live on this. Come on Greater Glasgow and Clyde health board, increase statutory sick pay for these workers to full sick pay.

If the Scottish Government can give £44million in bonuses to consultants each year, then they can make sure the nurses who care for coronavirus patients in the wards are not financially penalised for doing their job.

And contrast this to teachers who will get full pay even if they do not catch the virus but are told to stay away from work.

T Paine

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BANK nurses choose to work flexible hours and are well aware of what that means.

They could have full-time contracts but don’t for various reasons.

I agree that they should, during this medical crisis, receive the same benefits as their full-time and pro-rata colleagues.

Stewart Campbell

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SKY Sports offered the most amount of money, so while they might not be that interested, sadly for our little nation they were the most interested (Sky Sports dismiss Scottish football in ‘why are we interested?’ put-down, ET online).

Scottish football is dying and on its last legs.

Niall Murphy

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THE pedestrian tunnel linking the SEC to the Exhibition Railway Station is a disgrace.

Surely something must be done about this.

It must leave a bad impression to visitors to the city attending international events as well as Glaswegians.

Come on Glasgow City Council and Network Rail, sort it out, especially if we are hosting the big Climate Change event later this year.

Paco Zapatos

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