OUTLANDER star Sam Heughan said he is "kind of obsessed" with George Bowie and wants him to play his birthday bash.  

On the Late Late Show with James Corden last night, the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama graduate joked he wants George Bowie to perform at his fortieth birthday celebration. 

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He joked that the Scottish rave superstar was famous for playing "really bad" dance music.

He said: "There's a DJ in Scotland that I'm kind of obsessed with called George Bowie.

"He plays basically really bad dance music.

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"No-one's really heard of him but I'd love to book him.

"So if you could bring him through those curtains, that would be great."

The star later clarified that no-one in the US was "aware of his greatness. Yet."

Heughan turns forty next month.