A GLASGOW couple have expressed their shock over how they were treated in a Marks & Spencer store while buying a suit for a relative’s funeral.

Both men, who we are not naming, say they were subjected to inappropriate comments while trying on a pair of trousers in a changing room situated within the Glasgow Fort store earlier this month.

One of the men wanted to try on trousers to wear to his gran’s funeral and on approaching a fitting room, he was told by a member of the public that it was for women only to “try on bras”.

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A member of the M&S team then told him: “I can’t stop you from using it,” and he proceeded to try on the item with his partner.

While in the changing room, they heard the member of the public say, “I wouldn’t want to get my t**s out in front of other men.”

It is then claimed the M&S staff member laugh and agreed before saying, “we have to allow it because of all this new stuff."

The couple complained to a manager instore who told them that she would reiterate to staff that fitting rooms were unisex. They also complained in writing to the store and are now looking to escalate their complaint further.

He said: “We were made to feel so little and made to feel that there was a perverse motive which there certainly was not.”

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The couple learned that there was a changing room closer to menswear and said they would have happily used that had the staff member pointed them in that direction.

He added: “I am saddened to know that big retail company are employing people with those views.

“As a Glaswegian, I have always felt welcomed but I feel let down that has happened in my own city.”

He continued: “People have to watch what they say. Sadly there have been people who have tragically ended their life because they can’t come out as trans or non-binary and they are not accepted.

“I could have been a non-binary or trans person, they don’t know that.”

A M&S spokesman said: “Our colleagues should always be helping customers feel comfortable shopping.

“We’re sorry on this occasion that didn’t happen and we have apologised to our customer.

“With our fitting rooms we only offer individual lockable cubicles and this is to ensure every customer feels comfortable and has the privacy they need.

“The fitting rooms are located within our womenswear and menswear departments and therefore are mainly used by customers of that gender, however, as an inclusive retailer and in line with most other retailers, we allow customers the choice of fitting room in respect of how they identify themselves.”