NEXT steps to save a vital community resource in Govanhill are being taken with a £20,000 study.

The Glasgow Times told in December 2018 how activities in Daisy Street Church were abruptly stopped after the building was found to be unsafe.

Govanhill Community Canteen was forced to call off its work in the area providing a thrice-weekly free cafe.

Now Gordon Smith, of the Govanhill Hub, has said that three partner agencies have banded together to ensure the church, owned by the Church of Scotland, is saved.

Glasgow City Council, charity Community Renewal and Glasgow Building Preservation Trust have banded together and agreed to underwrite the £20,000 needed for a feasibility study.

The council will cover £10,000 with £5000 from the two other groups.

It is expected the building will need £400,000 for a stage one project to get it operational again.

Mr Smith said: " There is action on this, we are not just trying to push our feet under the table. It is really, really needed."