CAN you blame people for getting so p***** off at this, I live close by and its an absolute joke (Rangers fans hope Ibrox parking zone hearing won’t be futile, Friday).

There are big signs saying residents’ parking only and not a damn is given by any of them!

When a game is played on a Wednesday night and my daughter has one of her clubs, it’s a joke.

I arrive home at 8.30pm with a child and have nowhere to park.

I either have to sit in my car with her and wait until the football traffic is gone, so I can park, or risk my car being clamped by leaving it somewhere closeby where it shouldn’t be.

Something needs to be done. A few months ago I got back home and spotted a guy take the last available parking space.

I had my daughter in the car, I asked if he’d find somewhere else to park as it was residents’ only parking and the abuse I got was absolutely ridiculous.

Siobhan McNeill

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YOUR letters correspondent Alex Orr demonstrates once again that Nationalists do not do irony.

In his letter to your paper last Saturday, he talks about the potential UK loss of revenue brought about by the change in immigration rules, and regards this as small-minded British nationalism.

This ignores the same issue that would happen if Scotland votes to leave the UK.

Due to the Barnett payments of about £2000 per person, per annum to Scotland, this would make Scotland much poorer as a result of leaving the UK.

On top of this loss of income, Scotland would have to pay to re-join the EU, (if they should ever qualify to re-join) and would be responsible for debt repayments to the UK, representing their proportion of the UK national debt (Please refer to the SNP’s own Growth Commission Document).

These amounts in total would probably amount to about £18billion per annum, about

£3300 per annum for every person in Scotland.

When it comes to small-minded nationalism, the SNP have always been the front runners.

John Rankin

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SURELY if you’re trying on men’s trousers you’d go to the men’s fitting room located in men’s department (Couple’s shock over treatment in M&S store, Friday).

If I was going for a bra fitting, I wouldn’t rock up to the men’s department.

If there were unpleasant comments made by staff and customers I agree apologies should be made.

Doreen Johnston

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A SIMILAR thing happened to me in that exact store, nice to see nothing has changed with regards to men using changing rooms!

I called the head office and asked the area manager to phone me. Got brushed off. A store that size and it has three changing rooms.

One for bras, one

for ‘woman’ and one

for ‘men’ which at

that time was being used for kids as it was end of the summer holidays.

Gareth Grindlay

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IT would be better to extend the Glasgow Subway to other parts

of the city and have a network that actually serves the

public (Glasgow Subway

to trial 5G tunnel network, Friday).

There are 24 hours in a day. Not everything shuts at 11pm and 6pm on a Sunday.

John Bones

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IT’S a sad day when people can’t do without their phone for 10 minutes.... pathetic.

John Mcalister

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