Shelves were emptied in Robroyston's new B&M at the weekend as the public stockpile essentials amid coronavirus fears.

Shelves of soap, wipes, bread and toilet rolls were completely cleared by 2.30pm, even though the shop only opened at 8 am on Friday.

Rosemary Toner, 66 from Auchinairn, was in B&M when she blasted stockpilers. She said: "I just feel that our government is not doing enough about it. I really do.

"If you look at every country that has taken procedures in place, our Government said wash your hands and use sanitizer. It is frightening. You could be in a queue next to someone or in a bus and they could have it.

"I haven't been stockpiling. I think its sad for folk that can't afford to do that. Someone old, on their own who doesn't have anyone. I feel so sad for that.

"I do think people are blowing it out of proportion too, the fake news thing. We aren't getting told enough about it."

Mr Anderson, 59 from Robroyston had been to the new B&M on his day off from working in Tesco. He said that the amount of people stockpiling was "crazy": "It's having a big effect on everybody. Everyone is buying everything. I work in Tesco and it's been crazy, everyone has been buying everything all week.

"Soap is limited, hand sanitizer is gone at all. A lot of things are restricted.

"I don't know if its scaremongering yet.You read things and you think 'is it worth panicking?' but then all the football is shut down so someone knows something about it.

"We're supposed to be going to see Janey Godley next week and we don't know if we'll get to go now. It was for my birthday. We have to go with the flow.

"You know what Glasgow is like. Loads of people think, 'we'll be fine'. Just have to keep saying 'clean your hauns!'"

Despite the hysteria, Mr Anderson insists he is not worried - yet.

"The warehouses for the retail shops are full to the gunnels. It's when that stock starts to go down, that's when I'll get worried."

For others, though, stockpiling is a result of hysteria.

Kevin Conti, 34 from Auchinairn, said: "I think the death rate will come down. I'm not worried about it. It seems to hit the elderly. I don't have that many elderly relatives.

"We haven't been stockpiling, just looking on with amusement to people who are. I think the government will do what Italy has done, and stop public places being open."