A man who claimed to be a jihadi threatened to blow up a mosque and melt it like chocolate, a court heard today.

Yassin Idris is also alleged to have threatened an off duty police officer with a gun and punched him twice in October last year.

The 43-year-old is said to have told the officer that he was in a Somali gang and could “take him out.”

Idris is on trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court charged with acting in a threatening or abusive manner at Glasgow Central Mosque and assauling PC Safdar Sadiq.

Jurors heard PC Sadiq, 49, was at the mosque for afternoon prayer and his attention was drawn to Idris, who was  allegedly intoxicated with a burst lower lip and “unsteady on his feet.”

PC Sadiq told jurors that Idris repeatedly interrupted a silent prayer by being “loud and annoying.”

He added that Idris left immediately after the prayer had finished but continued to murmur in another language.

PC Sadiq said: “He struck his right hand in the air like a fist and said ‘I’m a jihadi and I’m going to blow up this mosque’.”

Prosecutor Emily Macreath asked what the term ‘jihadi’ meant.

PC Sadiq replied: “In Western media, jihadi would mean someone who could be deemed as a terrorist.”

The police officer said that he and his friend Junaid Shakoor escorted Idris to the foyer of the mosque.

PC Sadiq told jurors that Idris was “reluctant” to put his shoes back  on and was moving at a slow pace.

He added: “He said ‘I’m not a Muslim, I’m a Christian and I’m Somali, not a Pakistani’ - I can melt this place like chocolate.

“He left the premises and he made threats and said he had a gun on him and put his left hand inside his left pocket.

“He said he would shoot me and said he was in a Somali gang and he could deal with me and take me out.”

PC Sadiq claimed he and Mr Shakoor attempted to restrain Idris but he struck out at him and punched him twice on the face.

He also told jurors that Idris had attempted to kick him, but missed due to his level of intoxication.

A 999 call was made and Idris was arrested by police officers in the car park.

Idris denies the charges and the trial continues before Sheriff Ian Miller.