I love Glossier products. I am not afraid to admit this: it has revolutionised my make-up routine and allowed my skin to breathe, and each new product is more exciting and contemporary than the rest.

Skywash is Glossier’s newest liquid eyeshadow, a collection of seven long-wearing shadows inspired by the colours of southwest landscapes and David Hockney pictures. Different from Lidstar, the products do not have a sheen and are feel more dry to touch.

Each have a matte finish but are pigmented enough for a slick hint of colour with just one swipe of the wand.

Glasgow Times:

The colours come in a sky blue and lime green, as well as darker and more muted shades of mauve, beige, pink and bronze.

I love the colours and think that they are effectively bright. I opted for the more muted, slighter colours in work rather than the blue and green, but even made a bit of a pop by mixing the orange and bronze at the weekend.

Smudging the colours in with my fingertips, I found the matte was hard to get used to but stayed on really well. By the end of the day, I still had a strong colour on my eyelids.

Making sure eyelids are completely cleansed is a must with this product, but with interesting colours and a nice arrange of choice, I would recommend Skywash to anyone.

The colours are so interesting that it would be hard to find something similar from one palette of the same collection.

Skywash works during the day whereas Lidstar is better for the evenings.

At this rate, Glossier has something for everyone.