A thug who chased  a man through rush hour traffic and stabbed him with a knife was caged for 21 months today.

Emmanuel Bundu, 20, pounced on Omar Akram, 34, in Glasgow’s Pollokshaws Road in August last year.

Mr Akram fled from his Mercedes car before being slashed on the shoulder and head by Bundu.

Bundu - who helps run an African food shop - pleaded guilty last month at Glasgow Sheriff Court to assault to Mr Akram’s injury.

He was locked up  by Sheriff Joan Kerr who took Bundu’s “age and immaturity” into account.

She told him: “In a public place on a busy street you pursued a man and struck him twice with a knife and twice with your fist.

“You are lucky his injuries were not life threatening or left him with after effects.

“In light of the degree of violence you used on that day taken together with what I see in your similar previous convictions, I have reached the view that the only suitable disposal is a period of detention.”

The court heard Mr Akram parked his vehicle at 5pm while one of his passengers went to the barbers.

Bundu “coincidentally” walked down the road and noticed Mr Akram’s car and approached it.

Prosecutor Adele Macdonald said: “There was an altercation between two men inside the car and Bundu through the open passenger window.”

Mr Akram got out while Bundu raced round clutching a three- inch silver knife in his hand.

Miss Macdonald added: “Bundu pursued Mr Akram who ran down the road.

“He managed to strike Mr Akram on the back of the shoulder with the knife causing him to fall to the ground.

“He then struck him on the head.”

A 999 call was made and Mr Akram was taken to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and received two stitches to a two centimetre stab wound.

He also sustained a small cut on his head and a swollen left knee.

Bundu, of the city's Cathcart, was snared after police viewed CCTV of the incident.

Lawyer Neil Kilcoyne, defending, told the court Bundu has a previous conviction for a similar offence and added: “His record is quite significant.”