GLASGOW commuters could benefit from council run bus service sooner rather than later following a new £500m fund set up by the Scottish Government.

The City Council will receive funding, established as a result of the Transport (Scotland) Act 2019, to develop a series of investment proposals while improving bus services for Glaswegians.

Detailed guidance, anticipated around May of this year, will give this new Bus Service Improvement Partnership (BSIP) clarity on the scope of funding timescales and priorities.

They will then make a submission to the Bus Partnership Fund for the investment needed to make the network which will benefit the city.

The aim is to improve average bus journey time by 50 per cent within the city centre and 20 per cent on routes in and out of Glasgow.

At the Scottish Transport Summit in 2018, Leader of the Council, councillor Susan Aitken, addressed the conference recognising that bus services are a vital part of the city’s economic infrastructure.

Ms Aitken announced that the council was prepared to enter into a partnership agreement with bus operators to jointly make a step change in passenger’s perception and use of the bus.

As a result, the Glasgow Bus Partnership (GBP) was launched later that year by the city convener for sustainability and carbon reduction, councillor Anna Richardson, with bus industry leaders, CPT and SPT.

It was made clear that the local authority expected to see expanded and improved services at a more affordable rate for citizens.A report submitted to the council states that while bus operators remain determined to work with the council to develop long term sustainable bus solutions, they have certain reservations about our ambitious plans to transform the city centre.

It is hoped that by providing a new and expanded bus services more communities will be able to access public services, educational, employment and retail opportunities.