FOR SOME, working with your mother - or your daughter - would be a recipe for disaster.

But for Aileen and Rachael McKenna, a mother-daughter duo from East Kilbride who work together at the iconic Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow Central Station, it has been something of a game-changer.

"We've always been close, but I think working together has changed our bond completely" said Rachael, who is 19 and works in the hotel's Banqueting department.

"I've worked for three years in the hotel, and it's nice to have an ally on your team.

Glasgow Times:

"It was a bit of a come and help situation when I started, and then I was called back and asked to work for good".

"She works very hard and I think I appreciate how hard she works, because I see it every day. We are exactly the same at home, still nipping at each other because we know how to wind her up. I think it's because we're quite similar.

"Although, sometimes I don't see her for days on end. And we live in the same house - but that's what working in hospitality does for you" adds Aileen.

Aileen has worked in as a credit manager in the accounts department of the Grand Central Hotel for a number of years, but since Rachael joined the days have definitely become a bit more interesting.

"I get all the chat from the other departments now" laughed Aileen.

Glasgow Times:

"It is definitely interesting to hear what is going on in the other parts of the business, but I don't want to know anything about Rachael herself. I've had to sacrifice the work nights out now but I don't mind too much. I get the chat from all of Rachael's friends the day after!"

Although it might be unusual to hear about a mother and daughter choosing to work together, it is becoming something of a norm for Aileen who began working in hotels with her own mother over twenty years ago.

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"I worked with my mum, and she with hers before that" explained Aileen.

"I do think that the hospitality industry has changed over the years but we do both love to work here".

Although she is still young, Rachael believes one of the nicest things about working in the hotel is where it is, and its history.

Glasgow Times:

"My mum and I both say that the nicest thing about working in the Grand Central is the people watching. One of the nicest things to do in the city is just having the afternoon tea and watching the world go by. My own mum loves to do that, and there are a lot of other mothers and daughters who do that. I always have a soft spot for them when I'm working there" says Rachael.

Family is very important to the McKenna women, and doing things as a family seems to be a great recipe for success. The McKennas have helped raise over £5000 for the Beatson Charity, in memory of Aileen's father in law.

For the ladies in the Grand Central, family is more than about getting a lift home at half one in the morning (although Rachael does ask her mum for this).

"I think that I'm quite protective over Rachael and her friends, and I understand more of the problems that go on than I would if I wasn't hearing it directly from Rachael herself.

"I'd say that it does help to have someone you can Facetime late at night when the till isn't working properly in the Champagne Bar" she adds.

Glasgow Times:

"I also have more sympathy for her sleeping later or working harder and staying out later because I know how hard she works and how demanding the job can be. And how nice that bar is."

Rachael says that having someone on her side makes a massive difference.

"In the hospitality industry, everything is different and no day is the same" she says.

"I love working in the hotel because everyone is so close, and we are like a family working in one of the most iconic places in the city.

"Having my mum there is special, because sometimes - as everyone will now the feeling- you just want your mum".