While this diary is intended to provide entertainment, insight and humour – coronavirus is definitely no laughing matter. However it is impossible to write about anything else today.

The virus has already had a huge impact on the lives of so much of the world’s population and that’s only set to intensify in Glasgow.

By the time we have written our next diary next week, things will have changed again and, likely, moved up another notch.

Glasgow is going to need every inch of its fighting spirit.

Glasgow Taxis drivers are exactly the same.

As things stand, us hardy souls remain committed to serving the people of Glasgow and will continue to do so until any government advice says we can’t.

We are Your City’s Friend.

We are hardy souls, accustomed to long shifts in all sorts of weather, we just keep going.

Our service hasn’t changed overnight – we transport all sections of the community, the elderly, schools, families, business people, students, groups and individuals.

We already took great pride in the condition of our taxis – today we clean them even more often and thoroughly, between every journey, for your health and safety and for ours.

We offer a fixed price via our app and we have seen the use of vehicles for non-passenger deliveries increase this month.

We are being provided with information from Glasgow Taxis Ltd and working together on any other ways we can all be supported through this. Like other sections of the transport industry, government support will be important too.

None of that sounds funny, eh.

However, through all of this we have seen Glaswegians retain that unrivalled sense of humour:

 “Hi there, where are we off to?” … “Anywhere with bog roll, driver!”

 “Hi driver, is it ok if I eat in the back of your taxi?” … “Of course, you can fart too, just don’t bloody cough!”

 “Can I give you a hand with those bags?” … “Only if you’ve washed them!”

And so it goes on.

The immediate future is uncertain, everyone is affected and the health and wellbeing of you all is 100% the most important thing.

Let’s stick together and make sure that Glasgow fighting spirit and sense of humour helps us through. Stay safe and well, folks.

And to the customer who joked that in Glasgow we should rename Covid-19, Navid-19?

We’re still game!