A MAN has been cleared of making a jihadi threat to blow up a mosque and a police assault.

Yassin Idris was alleged to have told an off duty police officer that he would melt Glasgow Central Mosque “like chocolate” last October.

Idris was also accused of threatening PC Safdar Sadiq with a gun and punching him twice.

The 43-year-old was said to have told the officer that he was in a Somali gang and could “take him out.”

Idris was found guilty by a jury at Glasgow Sheriff Court of shouting and uttering threats inside the mosque.

But, the jury deleted the jihadi bomb threat allegation from the charge and found him not guilty of the assault on PC Sadiq.

Idris was jailed for 360 days by Sheriff Ian Miller for acting in a threatening or abusive manner to cause a reasonable person fear or alarm.

PC Sadiq told jurors that Idris was drunk and unsteady on his feet before afternoon prayers.

He alleged that Idris was “loud and annoying” and murmured in another language after the service.

PC Sadiq said: “He struck his right hand in the air like a fist and said ‘I’m a jihadi and I’m going to blow up this mosque’.”

He claimed Idris was reluctant to leave the mosque when instructed to do so.

PC Sadiq added: “He said ‘I’m not a Muslim, I’m a Christian and I’m Somali, not a Pakistani’ - I can melt this place like chocolate.

“He left the premises and he made threats and said he had a gun on him and put his left hand inside his left pocket.

“He said he would shoot me and said he was in a Somali gang and he could deal with me and take me out.”

PC Sadiq claimed Idris struck out at him and punched him twice on the face while being restrained.

Ian McCellan, defending, claimed Idris was thrown out of the mosque because he was Somalian.

Mr McLellan said: “You have a muslim man, which he is, saying his prayers, he goes up to leave and you follow him out.

“I’m saying he is drunk but he came to pray to Allah and that’s what he is saying when he goes to the door.

“He wasn’t shouting in a room full of people ‘I am a jihadi’, that’s the truth isn’t it?”

PC Sadiq replied: “If that was the truth I wouldn’t be involved from there on in.”