A THUG who permanently scarred a man by ambushing him on his way to work was jailed for 13 months yesterday.

Brian McNicol, 50, stabbed Sean Kerr, 33, while another man assaulted him in Glasgow’s Tradeston area last May.

Mr Kerr initially claimed he was owed £500 by the two men, but later denied it to police.

McNicol pled guilty last month at Glasgow Sheriff Court to the assault to Mr Kerr’s severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

McNicol was locked up by Sheriff John McCormick.

He said: “There may well be a background but this was a premeditated attack on a man on his way to work.

“Effectively, you took the law into your own hands and set about him with a brick, a cosh and a knife to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

The court heard the victim parked outside his work and was reaching into the boot for his tool bag.

McNicol and the other man came from behind and attacked Mr Kerr.

Prosecutor Lauren McRobert said: “McNicol had a brick which he threw and struck Mr Kerr on the body.

“The other man repeatedly struck Mr Kerr with a cosh while McNicol struck his neck and back with a knife.”

The pair fled the scene while Mr Kerr limped to his health and safety manager to report the incident.

Mr Kerr, who was bleeding heavily, said: “I’ve just been attacked by two guys who work on this site.”

The manager dialled 999 and while they waited Mr Kerr said: “They two boys just done me and they owe me £500.”

Police attended and took Mr Kerr to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital for treatment.

Miss McRobert added: “He told officers he didn’t know who was responsible for the attack and denied making the £500 comment.”

Mr Kerr needed several stitches to his arm and back and will be “permanently scarred” as result.

McNicol was later traced from CCTV of the incident and gave police a no comment interview.

Bob McDowell, defending, told the court that the two families had a “history” with each other.

Mr McDowell added: “There were threats and intimidation towards his family and Mr McNicol cracked and reacted.”