Old hospital buildings could be re-opened as the Government looks to increase capacity to cope with an expected increase in coronavirus cases.

The news came as Nicola Sturgeon revealed the number of deaths increased to six overnight and the total positive tests rose to 266.

Yorkhill Hospital is one disused hospital site that could be re-opened to cope with increased demand from the coronavirus outbreak.

The Scottish Health secretary Jeane Freeman said that it is being looked at along with other similar vacant sites.

Ms Freeman was asked by Adam Tomkins, Conservative MSP for Glasgow about re-opening the site.

He said: “What consideration to use the site and similar for facilities as the crisis unfolds?”

Ms Freeman said that the plans for an extra 3000 beds and doubling of intensive care is within existing hospital sites but that other options would also be looked at.

She said: “Yorkhill and some others are in the mix and are being looked at.”