MORE recycling bins could be made available to people struggling with capacity issues amid concerns over cuts to some collections.

It was revealed last week the frequency of general waste and glass bin collections for those with kerbside collection will reduce.

Glasgow City Council hopes the move, which means green general waste bins will be collected every three weeks instead of two, will boost recycling by encouraging people to use their bins properly. Blue recycling bins will still be collected every two weeks.

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But Tory councillor Kyle Thornton quizzed council officers on the changes, asking whether blue bins will get "adequate priority" if people are "diverting waste from green bins into blue".

He said: "Very often when the service experiences difficulties, which at the moment appears to be every week, the blue bins are the first to go.

"You can only encourage people to recycle if they have the capacity to recycle."

A council officer said: "As a service we continue to deliver the planned schedule of uplifts and collections.

"As you can imagine in a city as large as ours, there are times when we can't get access to properties, which does result unfortunately in missed bins."

The officer added larger families and residents who have medical issues, which can result in additional waste, may be able to get help. The council would go out and assess waste requirements, he said.

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"There are options for larger bins for some families and there are options for more recycling where required. We're trying to divert much of that waste that could be recycled from the general waste bin."

He added: "There are opportunities for additional blue bins as well, where additional recycling is required."

Purple glass bins would be picked up every eight weeks, rather than four, under the new plans.