A GENEROUS West End landlord has slashed his rents to provide relief for struggling students in light of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The 44-year-old, who does not wish to be named has cut some of his student tenants' rents by 30 per cent in light of the growing difficulties faced by tenants in light of tightening belts because of the coronavirus.

"In this situation, we all have to just pull together," he said.

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He made the decision to cut rents by nearly a third because he did not want to burden students who had been hit by the "double whammy" of losing their university base and who could be experiencing uncertainty in their wages in light of bars, restaurants and clubs shutting their doors. 

One of his tenants, Hannah Holden, a medical student at Glasgow University said: "As students, we are all hit incredibly hard - most of us work in healthcare or the service industry so have lost significant work, so having a landlord like ours is literally the difference in being able to afford to live in Glasgow or not." 

The Glasgow landlord said: "The students have been particularly hard-hit and it's them that I initially contacted.

"I'm blessed with having really good student tenants and I want to hold onto them. I want to do as much as I can to work through this."

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Faced with the option of offering temporary relief which he could try to recoup with increased payments at a later date, the landlord decided simply to cut the rates, "so that we could share the burden".

He added: "If this goes on for six months, I struggle to see how the tenants are going to be able to pay that amount of money."