A COUNCILLOR has been slammed after racy tweets appeared on his official Twitter account.

Bailie Glenn Elder, who faced allegations of “inappropriate” conduct last year, appeared to post a raunchy picture of a woman in a bikini posing with a dog to his official Twitter account, from an Android phone.

But he says his account was hacked and it is understood the council does not issue members with Android devices.

An SNP councillor for Pollock, Rhiannon Spear retweeted the offending post saying: “I’m disgusted and disappointed that this rhetoric is still tolerated in politics. Glenn should have resigned as a councillor when he stood down from the SNP.”

The caption on the since-deleted picture read: “I really don’t know who Ms Genesis Lopez is, or why she should wish to send me a picture on Instagram.

“Having said that, she really does have a beautiful German Shepherd.”

Following criticism on the social media platform, Mr Elder deleted the tweet and protested his innocence.

“I am not respondible [sic] for this the [sic] tweet”.

He later added:”I did not create or upload the tweet that has appeared on this timeline. I also do not have an ‘Instagram’ account. I think those who genuinely know me will also know that this is not the type of tweet I would post.

Glasgow Times:

“I seldom use Twitter and I will now close this account.”

The Linn councillor later claimed that he had had contacted an “IT technician” who said his account was hacked from an address in London.

He added: “This is currently being investigated.”

We told in May last year how the ex-SNP councillor was accused of “inappropriate conduct” towards a council employee.

The employee raised concerns with a line manager following a conversation with Mr Elder on council premises which left them feeling uncomfortable.

Sources have indicated that the accusation was dealt with informally.

Mr Elder did not comment on the allegations at the time but said he was aware of the case in question.