THE council is promoting going to a three-weekly cycle for bin collections in the north east. 

I haven’t see any consultation with householders about the frequency being changed. 

I know the council already misses a lot of bin collections 
and I am scared to think what families will do if their bin is missed and they have to wait up to six weeks for bins being emptied. 

I would dread to think if the rat population increases if even more bins are missed. 
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IF Glasgow City Council starts coming out once every three weeks and is going to stop doing bulk uplifts, this is going to result in fly-tipping.

It’s going to get a lot worse as well.

Junior Kelly
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UNDER-FUNDING of the NHS and ruthless cuts in many other Social Services, by successive Conservative Governments, has seen the NHS struggling  with the demands needed to cope with the coronavirus outbreak. 

They are currently very short of ventilators, and other essential equipment needed to treat people with the coronavirus, or have symptoms of it. 

The Conservative attempts to now address the current shortages in the NHS, is a case of, “the gate being closed after the horse has bolted”. 

In the same circumstances, Social Services, with massive cuts in their budget, are expected to look after vulnerable people needing their assistance and help.

In their eagerness to pursue their Brexit negotiations with the EU, Boris Johnson and his party, ignored, the coronavirus, rapidly spreading across China. 

It was only when the virus spread to Italy, that the Conservatives and other EU countries realised that this was no ordinary containable virus. 

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NEW powers to be introduced in the coming days, airports 
“could” be closed, all airports world-wide ‘should’ have been closed as soon as this virus reared its head.

That way it wouldn’t have been spread like wildfire in such a short time.

As usual human greed takes top billing and the airports stayed open.Even when China and Italy were the worst affected, most countries still allowed flights to and from them.

Now look at the situation, worldwide pandemic of a deadly virus. I’m sure we will soon hear the old faithful excuse from our glorious leaders though – ‘we will learn from this and be better prepared next time’. 

Yeah sure, because they learned from SARS, Swine Flu, MRSA, Ebola.

Close the airports now, shut down trains, limit road travel. 

This needs to be contained immediately.

Although that option was available before the outbreak even occurred.

Richard Low 

GOOD idea but we don’t have the magic workers to staff the wards anymore (Yorkhill hospital could be re-opened to cope with coronavirus, Glasgow Times online).

They cut down on the number of nurses and doctors. 
They never looked beyond the end of their noses. 

When medical workers retired they never filled their posts. 

Anne King 
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WHERE exactly do they think the staff are coming from to populate these places? 
Are we going to be expected to work round the clock perhaps stay in these covid hospitals? We need proper information.

Christopher McGovern 

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I WONDER if closing the schools will make matters worse, having the young orbiting everywhere and with the public?

Calum J Morrison 
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I THINK it should be in a case by case base (Calls for Glasgow Council Tax suspension amid coronavirus fears, Thursday). 
If people can afford to pay then they should. 

We need to try and keep everything running as much as we can but support those who need it.

Cheryl Sprott
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PEOPLE should check all the small local shops as they might find they have stuff (Glasgow’s elderly shoppers react to coronavirus panic, Thursday). 

We couldn’t get anything in any of the big supermarkets, yet our little village store had loads of dry pasta, bread, milk etc.

Julie Pringle
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NOW is the time for the council to fix the roads when they’re quiet. I’ll believe it when I see it!

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