A reduced service for people who receive home care from Glasgow City Council has been put in place to ensure those most in need get care the depend on. .

The council has moved to implement a “critical care” service all over the city while resources are prioritised to cope with the coronavirus crisis.

It means certain categories of care will still be delivered while others will not receive the same service as before. The council said families have been contacted to inform them of the changes to ensure people are still supported through the critical care period.

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Those who will still receive the same level of care include those on managed medication, stoma care,  complex mobility issue, advanced dementia, peg feeding, no family support or carer support, receiving bed care, all service users in receipt of overnight home care.

The council said it is always based on assessed care needs.

Glasgow City Council and the Health and Social Care Partnership is coming under staffing pressure across services to cope with people off work, self-isolating or who are in vulnerable groups who need to reduce contact with others.

The council said it is taking all necessary steps to ensure the most vulnerable in the city continue to receive the support they need.

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For home care it means prioritising service users based on their care needs during this challenging time.

The Health and Social Care Partnership home care services is also focusing on supporting patients being discharged home from hospital.

A spokeswoman for Glasgow HSCP said: “We have taken the difficult decision to move to critical  care cover in Homecare  for all areas of the city. This means we have to concentrate resources on priority services and caring for our most vulnerable service users. We are also focusing on supporting patients being discharged from hospital. Families and carers are being contacted directly to ensure services users are supported.”