A cat cafe in Glasgow's Trongate has issued an urgent plea for donations to help feed their 27 cats amid the coronavirus crisis.

Purrple Cat Cafe has had to limit their services to 3 or 4 sessions per day and staff are operating on a volunteer basis. 

Glasgow Times:

Christopher Kane, 42 from Partick, is the cafe Supervisor and says the cafe are panicking about income to care for the cats. 

He told The Glasgow Times: "Most of our income comes through the cafe sittings, because we charge a £5 entry. 

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He said: "We use this to pay for the cats. We are already running on a limited shift capacity, and if we have to close completely we don't know where we're going to get our income from."

Glasgow Times:

The Purrple Cat Cafe has 20 members of staff and 27 cats, who are kept downstairs in the former old Bank building when not in the cafe. 

Income from the cafe pays for cat care, including food, bedding, litter and toys. 

Chrisopher added: "We will still be going into the cafe every day whether or not it closes because we have to feed the cats. We have no option.

Glasgow Times:

He said: "Some cat shelters are shutting because they cannot afford to keep the cats but hopefully it won't come to that. We've started a donations page for people to give donations that will allow us to buy the basics for them if it comes to us having to close the doors.

"The community has been so amazing so far. We are so grateful."

The donations page can be found here