The UK Minister of the Armed forces has confirmed that the army isn't forming secret 'tent bases' in Glasgow for a potential coronavirus lockdown. 

According to the UK Defence Journal, members of the public have been sharing conspiracies on social media claiming that secret bases are being formed around Glasgow to put the city into a state of lockdown. 

Glasgow Times:

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Apparently, people claimed that army bases were being built during the night in locations near Govan, Strathclyde Park and Bellahouston Park.

The UK Minister for the Armed Forces, James Heappey, said: "No they’re not.

"Or at least if they are, it’s absolutely nothing to do with Corvid-19.

"We’re REALLY proud of what our people do. If they’re out doing stuff, we’ll be really keen to tell everyone about it.

For an accurate feed on what the Armed Forces are doing follow @DefenceHQ". 

According to the UK Defence Journal, 150 troops are leanding to drive oxygen tankers to supply to hospital, soldiers are preparing to fill some roles within the police, prison service and border forces and reservists are likely to be called up in the coming months.