OUT-OF-DATE surgical face masks have been distributed to ambulance and GP services across Glasgow, it has emerged. 

 Two separate sources working in different sectors for the NHS have reached out to the Glasgow Times to raise their concerns. 

In the images shared with us, it appears that a 2021 expiry date sticker has been stuck on top of the mask packaging's original 2016 expiry date. 

Glasgow Times:

One source told the Glasgow Times: "Scottish ambulance service staff have been given paper masks to attend COVID-19 patients that are over expiry and years out-of-date.

"Some mask batches are even up to four years out-of-date."

This comes after Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard raised the issue of out-of-date face masks being distributed to ambulance services across Scotland at the First Minister's Questions on Thursday. 

Glasgow Times:

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Mr Leonard said: “When we raised the concern on Tuesday that this same batch of masks had been supplied to GPs, the cabinet secretary said that she was aware of the issue and was taking steps to ensure re-supply and that the situation is not repeated.

“Regrettably, it has been repeated. 

"We all know that we really can’t afford to put our frontline NHS staff, our key workers at increased, unnecessary and avoidable risk."

He warned that masks issued to ambulance crews were not the Full Face Protection FFP3 masks which are required.

A spokesperson for NHS National Services Scotland said: “Items such as surgical masks can be re-validated following their original expiration dates and distributed.

“They have typically been securely stored under controlled conditions, often on one site.

“This re-validation process involves thorough laboratory testing to ensure the item remains fit for use.

“Once those stringent checks have taken place, the new expiration date is applied and the items are distributed.

“This approach ensures that we maximise the resources available for the NHS staff at the forefront of Scotland’s COVID-19 response.”