MARYHILL residents have blasted social landlord Cube for “total lack of hygiene protocol for protecting tenants” during the coronavirus crisis.

James Roberts, resident and branch secretary of living rent and the Wyndford Tenants Union, told The Glasgow Times Cube was making him feel "trapped" and "at risk" because of the uncleanliness in the building in the high rise flats on the Wyndford Estate.  

Glasgow Times:

He said: "People have been getting in touch with me really distressed. We are very concerned that the lifts are not clean places but vectors for infection. I've had numerous reports from different tenants about there being bodily fluids, faeces, blood in stairwells. It's very dangerous.

The 34-year-old added: "I was told there was no additional cleaning protocol being added to what they were doing already. They were making their cleaning more intense but not making it clear what intense meant. We have a feeling they are entirely unprepared for this and we want them to introduce protocols that step up to a level of cleanliness that can keep coronavirus out of communal areas."

Among complaints from residents, The Glasgow Times has seen pictures of faeces in the communal areas and fluids resembling blood.

Glasgow Times:

Sam Sharp is another member of the Tenants Union who believes Cube should commit to more measures during the crisis.

He said: "I am also worried about elderly and otherwise vulnerable neighbours. If people don't watch the news or read a paper they might not know what's going on. Cube have notice boards in all buildings that they could be using to instruct us on safe practice, or at least reassure us that they are taking measures to protect us.

"They are meant to be a social landlord, and in my understanding that means they should be looking out for our welfare, especially vulnerable members of our community. So far I've seen nothing."

Glasgow Times:

A spokesman for Cube said: “Regular cleaning, patrols and fire safety checks in our multi-storey blocks have always been our main priority and will continue to be in the weeks ahead.

“We are doing the best we possibly can in what are exceptionally difficult circumstances.

“If any customer has any issues they should get in touch with us, and although we are currently running restricted services due to the Coronoavirus situation, our teams will get to issues as quickly as they can.”