FAULTY plumbing is pushing a Woodside woman “to the edge” and she is embarrassed to have visitors because of her stinking toilet.

Donna McAuley, 41 of Cedar Street has slammed housing chiefs after a faulty toilet has left her too embarrassed to have visitors come to see her and her family.

Queens Cross Housing Association (QCHA) say works have affected the main drainage system for the block and apologise for “the inconvenience and concern this has caused her”.

She has to host visitors at her own father’s home because of the awful smell caused by her constantly overflowing toilet.

Glasgow Times:

Donna says she has to unblock her toilet every two to three days.

Housed in the recently-refurbished high-rise flats on Cedar Street north of St George’s Cross, she claims that, while the outside of the flats has been improved, the insides have had no such attention.

She claimed her grandchild’s feet are “pure black,” said Donna, because of the filth in the flat brought up since September by a leaking toilet.

Filthy water also rises up through the sink and leaves black marks on the porcelain.

As well as her grandchild suffering from asthma, Donna has had her own health problems, separate from her poor living conditions.

She is currently being tested for cancer and is taking medication to help with her mental health.

Glasgow Times:

Donna is considering getting a solicitor involved to help with her ordeal.

She said the housing association had “changed its tune” after she mentioned the involvement of a lawyer and the Glasgow Times.

“But I’m not letting them away with it,” she said.

Her housing officer said she should be decanted, but was told the problem could be fixed.

It is understood the blockages were caused by building works at Cedar Street and QCHA said to Donna they would clear her bathroom’s pipes.

Donna does not think this will fix the problem and says her ordeal will continue.

“It’s going to happen again.

“It’s constant,” she said.

“This has been driving me insane, it’s really pushing me over the edge now.

“I was speaking to them on the phone the other day and I said ‘I cannot do this anymore’.

“I just can’t take what’s happening in that house.”

A spokeswoman for Queens Cross said: “Significant and complex building works at Cedar Street have unfortunately resulted in blockages to the main drainage system and this has affected Miss McAuley’s flat. 

Glasgow Times:

“We have now carried out cleaning works to the drains and are monitoring the situation on a daily basis.

“We do understand how difficult this has been for Miss McAuley and we’re looking at all the options available to us to improve and resolve her situation.

“We’re sorry for the inconvenience and concern this has caused her and our staff will continue to be on hand to provide her with support and advice.

“We would also ask any other resident to get in touch with us if they experience similar problems.”