AS "anxious" pupils finished school yesterday without knowing when they might return, the city's top education boss issued a message of comfort.

Maureen McKenna, executive director of education, said everything in the council's power would be done to support pupils.

In a video posted online, Ms McKenna moved to reassure youngsters worried about missing final exams - and gutted about losing on school proms and last day of primary school celebrations.

She said: "I want to take a moment to send a message out to you all, as we move into this new normal. 

"It's going to be a different existence for all of us starting from Monday, and I cannot speak highly enough of our staff, our children and our young people, at what is an exceptionally anxious time.

"We have information now about exams no longer taking place.

"We have a bit of pressure about S4 to S6 in completing coursework.

"I want parents and young people to step aside from that anxiety."

She added: "I want them to understand that we are there for them, we will work for them, and I personally will do everything in my power to make sure that their achievements are recognised appropriately.

"We all need to stay safe, we need to pace ourselves, but more than anything else we need to look forward to the bright future.

"Our schools will come back, our nurseries will be back on and we need to start preparing for that once we get over this initial management to ensure that our children are well fed, and safe, and secure in the coming weeks.

"I know you'll work with me."   

The Glasgow Times understands schools are looking for ways to ensure pupils do not miss out on celebrations.

Local venues have already begun offering to host proms once it is safe to do so, even if pupils have already left school.

While youngsters are gutted to be missing out on milestone moments schools are determined to make it up to them when the worst of the coronavirus crisis is over.