A Glasgow bookstore has launched rent-a-read scheme to ensure people have access to books during the coronavirus pandemic. 

As people are being encouraged to stay at home, more and more businesses are showing true community spirit. 

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South Side bookstore, Category is Books, will be renting books out for £1 per book with a weekly collection and delivery to your doorstep. 

The independent queer bookstore ensured that all precautions will be taken to prevent the spread of the virus with the scheme. 

Each book cover will be cleaned and staff will be handling books with gloves.

Books will be taken "out of commission" for two to three days once returned to ensure there is no contamination. 

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The idea was praised by Nicola Sturgeon who called it a "brilliant initiative". 

Those interested are being encouraged to register their interest HERE. 

Delivery and collection will be free and "probably on skateboard".