The owner of Nardini's famous ice-cream parlour in Largs has said he was "saddened" by crowds flouting coronavirus advice in the seaside town.

Claudio Nardini said he had intended to remain open for a few days to provide a takeaway service to wind down the business but had now taken the decision to close after seeing how busy the promenade was on Saturday.

Mr Nardini, who has relatives in both Italy and Spain said the "nochalant" attitude had been rife in both countries before they reached crisis point with thousands of deaths now reported.

The National Trust has now shut all public parks while in the Highlands and Islands, tourist groups are urging the public not to travel there to "escape" the virus.

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Mr Nardini said: "I have strong links to two other countries in Europe and have witnessed this virus develop by talking regularly to family in both Italy and Spain.

"This nonchalant attitude was rife in both those countries only a couple of weeks ago.

"Seeing the prom rammed with people and dozens of cars queuing for the ferry today like nothing was out of the ordinary really saddened me.

"I should have been overjoyed, the till was ringing constantly and coffees and ice creams were flying out the door.

"I wasn't because it reminded me of the images my family and friends were sending me only a couple of weeks ago and now look where they're at. I sent them a photo of today's packed prom and they couldn't believe it especially when we should be using their recent experience as an example.

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"Everyone at work today was overcome with a strange feeling of guilt, almost as if we were contributing to this madness.

"For this reason we have decided to completely close this evening until this whole thing blows over.

"Please please please stay at home if you can, I couldn't bear seeing what is happening to my relatives happen here too."