A leading Glasgow behavioural psychologist has offered some tips on how to stay well mentally through the coronavirus crisis.

Dr Christopher Hand of Glasgow Caledonian University advises limiting pyjama days and box set binges, watching or reading news only once or twice a day from 'reputable sources' and only using social media to stay in touch with friends and family.

He said: “Sitting glued to 24-hour news and scaremongering on social media can feed uncertainty and anxiety.

"This rapidly changing situation creates feelings of lack of control and stress.

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“Get your news from reputable sources once or twice a day and be very critical of what you see on social media and avoid reading unvetted opinion."

Routines should be kept as normal as possible and Dr Hand said helping others was an effective way to lift the mood, while the time could also be spent learning a new skill.

He said: “A small level of stress and anxiety is actually a very important and healthy thing because it can keep us safe.

"Anxiety becomes problematic when people experience high levels of intrusive and unwelcome thoughts that they find hard to keep out of mind.

“In this case it would be thoughts about getting COVID-19, about not touching their face, worrying about strangers and people they come into contact with – the uncontrollable things in life essentially.

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“People have been going into preservation mode and are acting in extreme ways.

"Fear and panic starts to spread like a virus, you see other people doing it and that preys on your own uncertainties and you are likely to see a bit more of that happening, but we all have to try to restore some kind of normality.

“If you are healthy and well enough to do it it’s important to keep to a routine, get up and move around, get ready, prepare your lunch, have your breakfast, set working hours, breaks.

“See this as opportunity to learn a new skill or language, dig out your old musical instrument, play board games with your kids, do some DIY, tidy the garden."