The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Scotland is now 416 - an increase of 43 from yesterday. 

The Scottish Government's daily 2pm update has revealed that Greater Glasgow and Clyde remains the most-infected area in Scotland, with 130 confirmed cases. This is an increase of 20 from Saturday afternoon.

With the death toll now currently at 10, national clinical director Jason Leitch has warned that the death toll of COVID-19 in Scotland could be "much worse" than the estimated 2000 if people fail to heed warnings to stay at home.  

A total of 8679 tests have been carried out in Scotland, with 8263 coming back positive.

Lanarkshire is the second most-hit area in Scotland, with 49 confirmed cases. 

First Minister Ms Sturgeon repeated advice on self-isolation and social distancing yesterday and said that while the “vast majority” of bars, restaurants and cafes have complied with instructions from the Scottish Government to close, she had seen suggestions on social media that a “small minority might not be complying”.

As she spoke out, Professor Leitch told the Sunday Mail newspaper: “We really aren’t messing around with this now.

“To protect individuals and society’s vulnerable, we need to make very drastic social distancing and isolation choices.”

The medical expert continued: “The Chief Scientific Adviser in England has said he thinks 20,000 deaths across the UK would be a good outcome.

“In Scotland, that would be about 2,000, but the worst-case scenario is much worse than that. People need to take the advice they’re being given very seriously.”

Heeding advice not to go out unless necessary, and to stay away from others could be “the difference between tens of thousands of deaths and the number of around 2,000”, he added.