MEMBERS of staff working for the G1 group have called for fairer treatment from the founder after bars, restaurants and cafes were ordered to close last week.

In an open letter to Stefan King, workers called for a written apology for their treatment, a 20 per cent top-up from the G1 group and full sick-pay for all members of staff who are self-isolating.

It comes after the Unite Hospitality union said staff contracts were terminated without any notice. This decision has since been reversed, it has emerged.

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The letter reads: "We demand a full, written apology for the emotional distress that the announcement made caused to staff.

"Chefs, front of house, bartenders and management were all left with no clear guidance or information regarding the decision and this is unacceptable."

With reference to the government's recent pledge to fund 80 per cent of peoples' wages, members of staff called on Mr King to secure the remaining 20 per cent of his workers' wages s until venues are reopened.

The letter reads: "We also ask that these conditions are applied retroactively to staff who had been alerted to the termination of their contracts, as well as to staff who have already been affected by the coronavirus."

A separate letter sent by staff last week claimed 70 staff were fired, which they alleged is in violation of government "collective consultation" rules which say there must be a consultation period along with 30 days' notice if more than 20 members of staff are made redundant.

A member of staff who works for G1 within the city, said: "It was a bit of a roller coaster - we were sacked on the Thursday then re-hired 24 hours later.

"We've been promised the government's new scheme where 80 per cent of our wages will be covered but there has been no clarification whatsoever.

"The problem is, is that someone could be on an eight-hour contract yet 40 hours in one week.

"There's no communication between managers and head office so they're obviously trying to answer all of our questions.

"Our letter is pretty reasonable - asking for average hours because that's what people survive on and the topping up of 20 per cent because what they don't realise is that we are also missing an extra ten per cent of our wage in tips too. So what it actually covers is 60 per cent of our wage rather than 80. 

"It's worrying because staff members are worried about rent and direct debits. Nobody really has a clue about what is going on."

G1 is Scotland's largest hospitality group, with a collection of 50 venues in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and St Andrews.

The Glasgow Times approached the G1 group for comment.