I WAS both drawn and moved by the front page (We are There with you) headlines by Glasgow Evening Times Editor, Callum Baird (Friday, March 20).

It was really comforting to read his article. This virus knows no boundaries and it is of no consequence whether we are rich or poor. It really is about how we all deal with it and come out the other side.

It’s great to still be able to hold a newspaper (rather than reading digital matter) and would like to thank everyone on the Glasgow Times Team who are still producing their interesting, factual, humorous columns which are so enjoyable.

Thank you also to the many workers in hospitals, shops and many other vital services on whom we are reliant out there and please know how much you are all appreciated and valued.

Margaret Sinclair


HERE we find ourselves in unprecedented circumstances, not known in many of our lives.

Maybe many people may die including myself with underlining health conditions, and what do I read on the back pages, how the leagues are going to pan out, really.

I think your problems as football clubs are the last thing on people’s minds.

Give it a rest until we beat the ultimate number one at the moment, coronavirus, then everything else will then be played out.

These football clubs want to take a reality check.

David Thomson

Via email

THE Scottish Government is making up its own rules as it go along and what about the extra money from Westminster is that getting held back for the referendum (Coronavirus: Scottish Government unable to guarantee all teachers will be paid, Glasgow Times, online)?

Betty McCormick

Posted online

ACCORDING to this report, the Parkhead tunnel still exists (Music and events venue to be built near Celtic Park, Friday).

Golden opportunity to look at a rail spur to serve this area of east end, with Celtic park,the Emirates and the above proposed new venue, should it get the go ahead.

Alan Fredericks

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IT is just so very stupid for shoppers to strip the shelves empty (Shoppers warned to stop stockpiling and think of others as shelves are emptied, Friday).

It really must stop, and stop now. It never happened when Sars and Ebola raged through the UK. So just stop being stupid.

Alan Hall

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