A GLASGOW doctor has told of the struggles being faced by frontline hospital staff and urged the public to take the coronavirus outbreak seriously.

The Royal Infirmary medic warned a "tidal wave" of fresh cases is on the way as the numbers of those being tested positive for Covid-19 continues to rise every day.

NHS bosses have pledged Glasgow's hospitals are ready to deal with the peak of the virus in the coming months, but frontline staff say they are worried.

The doctor, who asked not to be named, told The Glasgow Times: "People need to understand how tough this if going to be for healthcare workers as we already struggle to deal with stretched budgets.

"There's an apprehension amongst all of us. It feels a lot like we are in the calm before the storm.

"Everything is fine for now but know just shortly something is going to kick off.

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"You know in a Tsunami where the water goes out and it's a bit eerie but you know the it is about to hit? That's where we are at right now.

"A tidal wave of mess is on the way and that's the general consensus from junior doctors right up to the top level. No one has been yet, but there is going to be one almighty wave soon."

Scotland’s NHS was formally placed on an emergency footing earlier last week to help it deal with a “substantial and sustained” increase in coronavirus cases and health chiefs have pledged staff will receive adequate equipment.

Doctors in Glasgow, however, say they have some concerns about what is available to them.

"A couple of weeks ago it wasn't that big a thing but it has gotten so much worse and there is definitely a buzz around the hospital and people are more suspicious of it now," the medic continued.

"It is putting an unbelievable strain on hospitals and the staff.

"We have been told by management that we should have enough personal protection equipment and it shouldn't be a problem. But, we are not sure and many of us believe it is sub-par."

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They added: "The biggest thing people can do is handwash and self-isolate. If everyone does that, it stops the spread of the disease.

"Then that leaves hospital staff, who are one of the few parts of the population who will be out during all this, to get on with our job and be on the frontline against it all."

An NHS spokesman said: “We completely understand this is an anxious time for people working in the NHS and want to reassure our staff that their welfare is paramount as we deal with the COVID-19 situation.

“We follow the national guidance on COVID-19, including the latest guidance issued by Health Protection Scotland in relation to what PPE is necessary for all of our staff. As per guidance, staff receive appropriate PPE for performing their duties.

“PPE is ordered nationally and distributed regularly and we are liaising closely NHS National Services Scotland and suppliers to ensure ongoing stock is available across services. There is a robust and clear ordering process in place and rigorous assessment is undertaken to ensure all stock meets the quality standards required.

“All staff should look to use and preserve current supplies appropriately and as a reminder, guidance from HPS outlines exactly what type of PPE is required for their particular duties.”