A £4 MILLION substation upgrade will benefit almost 23,000 homes and businesses in the East End according to SP Energy Networks.

The project in Charlotte Street is due to be completed by August 2020 and will involve the modernisation of the 1930s substation and vital equipment within the site as well as the installation of a new 120 MVA transformer.

The firm says the new, upgraded equipment, which is connected to the Dalmarnock substation, will not only be much more efficient but will also provide more sustainable and economical electricity to communities and businesses.

SP Energy Networks’ community relations team held a community drop-in event informing residents and councillors of the work taking place. The team will be continuing to keep locals up to date on the work in progress throughout the project.

Colin Wylie, Community Liaison at SP Energy Networks, said: “We’re committed to futureproofing the network now to ensure our customers see the benefit in the future.

"As demand for electricity increases and we transition to a greener society, it’s important that our network can support this.

"Projects such as the substation upgrade in Glasgow are therefore vital so that we can continue to provide our customers with a reliable supply.”