THE wife of a man hospitalised with coronavirus has called on people to "wake up" to the threat of the virus. 

In an emotional Facebook post, Jennifer Colquhoun, from Glasgow, said: "My husband Stewart is 47 years old no underlying health issues and is on a ventilator in intensive care and has been since Thursday with the Coronavirus."

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Stewart has been on a ventilator since Thursday morning and has been heavily sedated to allow his lungs to recover. 

He has no pre-existing conditions and is a non-smoker.

She added: "People need to wake up to how dangerous this is.

"I am not allowed to sit with him, hold his hand and say 'stay strong', 'we love you' and 'come on, fight this' due to the severity of this virus."

She urged her friends to take the threat of illness seriously and to spread the word.

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Nearly a thousand people had commented on her post, expressing their support and it has been liked by over 2000 people since it was published on Sunday morning.