GARDENERS in the east end have been “planting like mad” in case the city has to lock down in the coronavirus crisis.

Susan Wilson, who volunteers at Includeme2’s Reidvale allotments in Dennistoun, explains: “A few of us are now working in our own corners, keeping safe and distant from each other, but planting like mad so there is fresh food being grown for the community.

“We are aware if a lockdown is imminent, we might miss the planting season all together, which will mean no harvest at all.

“So far we still have leeks, purple kale and broccoli still being produced and today we have planted potatoes, onions, garlic and cabbage.”

She adds: “We are keeping our distance and working in different areas.”

Glasgow Times:

Includeme2 supports adults with additional support needs and disabilities.

Susan is the Community Champion for Tesco Parkhead, and she says there is a “huge, inspiring” effort in the east end as people rally to help the most vulnerable.

Glasgow Times:

“It is essential in times of crisis that we look after our neighbours,” she says. “People are frightened, but there are so many projects in our community that want to help. At Tesco we have made up 40 hampers today for local elderly customers and those in sheltered housing. One lady in her 80s is waiting on a hip replacement operation, another gentleman has COPD, so it is not safe for him to leave his home – these are the people we are trying to help.”

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Susan paid tribute to other city organisations supporting efforts to help local people.

Glasgow Times:

“I’m really grateful to Glasgow The Caring City, who donated 300 bars of soap for our hampers, B&M who donated food and the Emmie Smillie Foundation,, which donated £1000.

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“I’m amazed at the response – our store foodbank donations are higher than they have ever been, and our wee library, which encourages people to borrow books for a small donation, has now raised more than £4700,” she added.

Glasgow Times:

“The east end is fantastic – we have seen the worst of people in this crisis, sometimes, but here in Glasgow we are seeing the best.”