CITY chiefs are set to use an extra £10m from the Scottish Government to ease budget pressures.

Glasgow City Council revealed its budget on February 20, the same day as the Scottish draft budget and before the UK Government’s announcement, meaning its final settlement was unclear.

Since then, an extra £95m has been directed to local government from Holyrood, with Glasgow receiving around £10.6m.

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Council leaders are recommended to approve budget adjustments during a meeting on Thursday.

A council report states: “During the budget process a number of budget pressures were identified but removed from the financial forecast due to the challenging spending gap.

“It is proposed that these are re-instated and met from the additional funding.”

The extra cash will see £4.5m fund pupil roll pressures, which relates to the ratio of teachers to pupils, and £1m for pressures around commercial waste collection.

A council spokesman said: "This year’s budget process was unusual, with the majority of councils required to set spending prior to knowing the full extent of the resources they would have available for the year.

"In Glasgow’s case, that meant some key pressures could not immediately be funded – although it was widely acknowledged during the budget meeting that members hoped to be able to revise some elements in time.

"The council now has a significant additional funding, through the final budget settlement, and it is proposed to revisit those funding pressures."

A £134,000 saving relating to the closure of Blairvadach Outdoor Education Centre is recommended to be reversed to allow time for an alternative delivery model to be investigated.

The report says Glasgow’s authority also no longer needs to take more than £4m from the council’s general fund reserves.

“In summary, the budget adjustments would use £9.679m of the additional revenue allocation leaving a balance of £0.953m,” it adds.

“At this time it is proposed that this is allocated as a contribution to reserves for allocation to council priorities at a later date.”

A finance circular issued by the Scottish Government has confirmed Glasgow will get £1.7m of grant funding for cycling, walking and safer streets.

And £25m is being made available nationally to support investment in energy efficiency. Further discussions are set to take place on the distribution of this money to councils.

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The UK Government’s budget in March indicated £640m for Scotland. The Scottish Parliament Information Centre has suggested over £500m of this sum was included in the Scottish Budget, the council report adds.

This leaves around £100m to be allocated but “the split between capital and revenue is not yet available”.

“However this will now have been overtaken by recent announcements to support citizens and business with the impact of Covid-19.”

The council has agreed emergency decision-making processes to reduce the need for face-to-face meetings during the coronavirus outbreak. A reduced city administration will make the decision on Thursday.