WITH regards Glasgow City Council, from looking at the past decisions by senior management of cleansing, it hasn’t been a good track record.

They issued food waste bins, which was a total disaster, proposed new on street dog waste and litter litter bins all over Glasgow that are magnet for fly-tipping and graffiti.

They have proposed to introduce charges for bulk uplift which could lead to additional fly-tipping and make the city cleanliness worse.

They are now thinking of introducing three-weekly bin collections waiting up to six weeks for a domestic waste collection if 1 collection is missed.

I thought cleansing was an integral part of keeping the city clean and helping to reduce the risk of infection and coronavirus not make it situation worse for the taxpayer.

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PEOPLE are still expected to show up for work unless they have symptoms or are in the high risk category (Glasgow commuters continue to pack ScotRail services, Glasgow Times online).

The reduction in services means of course the trains and buses are going to be busy. Only thing that’s going to stop that is Boris ordering all businesses to shut up shop and stay at home.

Jacqueline Cumming

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IT’S a tough one. People have to go to work.

Only thing that’s going to stop all this is a complete lockdown. I think it’s coming within the next 48 hours.

Steven Lavery

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IT’S sad but some people have no choice. If they don’t go to work they don’t get paid.

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It’s not just the adults it’s their kids (Boris warns of Italy-style lockdown, Glasgow Times online). Coming back from airport I saw three groups of seven to 10 girls all walking the streets and shoulder to shoulder.

So parents need to get a grip of their kids and how serious this is.

Mark Martin

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AMAZING Iain and Barra (Meet the River Clyde recovery dog giving heartbroken families closure, Glasgow Times online).

What you do is fantastic and I’m so proud of you both, Eriskay too.

Michelle Alison Earl

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