Police Scotland have launched a fresh campaign in a bid to crack down on coronavirus scammers. 

Due to social distancing and self-isolation, fraudsters have been using new methods to put people out of pocket.

Police Scotland have warned members of the public to be vigilant of fake websites offering 'cures' or testing kits, bogus websites asking for donations and other websites promoting awareness and inaccurate coronavirus prevention tips. 

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As part of the #ShutOutScammers campaign, police are also urging people to also be cautious of inferior hand-made sanitisers and face masks being sold on Gumtree and Facebook. 

A police spokesman said: "Police Scotland are being made aware that community groups are being set up to help the most vulnerable in society.

"We, in no way wish to undermine those efforts but rather want to support them. At this time we ask if you are self-isolating, that you ask friends and family to support you and make sure that they know you are at home alone.

"Unfortunately, in the coronavirus situation, scammers may use this as an opportunity to victimise those they see as vulnerable.

"If somebody does appear at your door or contacts you though social media then don't feel pressurised to respond. 

"If someone is at your door then take your time, make sure you are not victimised by somebody trying to take advantage of you and reach out to friends and family if you need support.

"If you're online, don't fall for any scams."

Police are urging members of the public if you feel victimised to make direct contact with the police.