Rangers kid Nathan Young-Coombes jokingly responded to an Instagram question and answer session saying he would rather spend a year in lockdown than play for Celtic

The former Chelsea youngster was asked: "Would you rather play for Celtic or be in lockdown for 1 year?". And he joked: “Lockdown.”

The teenager made the switch to Ibrox last season and quickly made a name for himself after helping the Gers under-17 side to victory at the Al Kass Cup in Qatar. 

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Speaking about his move, he said: “I came here, everyone was so polite, made me feel so welcome and it is a very together environment. You can just be yourself and being yourself and being happy is crucial in football, whatever age you are.

“When you are a youth player and you are happy and you have a team around you, there is only one thing you can do and that is be successful. We have a young Reserve side, a young 18s side and there is only positivity running through the club. You mix with the first team, you see them around and can talk to them.

“There is no feeling that you are better than anyone else here. Everyone is humble and works hard and that is something you just don’t get all the time down south.”

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The ultimate aim for the 17-year-old is to impress Ibrox boss Steven Gerrard and shoulder his way into the first team squad. 

On his gaffer, he added: “I have spoken to him a couple of times and that means a lot because, at Chelsea, you wouldn’t even see the first team manager at all.

“You wouldn’t see any of the first team players, everything is so closed off and it is like a separate world. Here, the Academy is linked to the first team so you will see the players, the coaches and the manager.

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“Steven Gerrard is arguably the best centre-mid that England has ever produced so when you see him and he asks how you are doing, it means so much. That doesn’t happen down south and you can see that togetherness through the club.

“The knowledge and wisdom that the manager has, and the things that he has done in the Champions League and for England, you can’t not learn from someone like that.

“I want to play under him in the coming years and the opportunity to do that made my decision so easy.”