A GP has accused a private clinic in Glasgow of “blatant profiteering” over the coronavirus crisis by offering private tests costing £274.

Clinica Medica on Crow Road in the city’s West End is offering home testing kits, which are sent to the firm’s “accredited” laboratory and claim to be 99.9% accurate.

Testing for the virus is currently prioritising NHS workers, unlike other countries hit by the pandemic which are carrying out more widespread checks.

A spokeman for the Scottish Government said test results obtained this way would not be included in official NHS statistics for the number of people affected by the virus.

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A GP, who asked not to be identified, said: “The accuracy of the test is predicated on how the swab is acquired. The claims of accuracy are thus overstated.

“ In times of a genuine global crisis this is blatant profiteering. Poor.

“The directors are both NHS GPs.”

The clinic say tests are available within one day of the lab receiving a sample and said the tests aimed to “help people for whom self-isolation has a significant effect on their livelihood and the community2 such as freelance health care workers, pharmacists and taxi drivers.

Awfa Paulina, director of Clinica Medica, is reported to have said in response to criticism over the tests: “I welcome comments and I also appreciate the opportunity to respond to them.

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“The Covid -19 test is a service we embraced for good clinical and social outcome, not financial gain as we only covered minimal admin and transactions fees from the sale of the test.

“The Covid 19 testing facility is provided by a UK laboratory. It is a PCR swab, the gold standard method for viral detection.

“Our intention was to help those people for whom self-isolation has a significant effect on their livelihood and the community.”